JEBLESCrackers or snack crackers are made ​​from tapioca flour batter mixed with condiments such as shrimp or fish. cheap bns gold Crackers made ​​by steaming batter until done , then cut into thin , dried in the sun to dry and fried in plenty of oil . Crisply textured dry and is often used as a complement to the variety of Indonesian food such as nasi goreng and gado – gado . Prawn crackers and fish crackers are the most common types of crackers found in Indonesia . Crackers liners like chips or crackers poor shaft is made ​​from a mixture of sago mixture of salt , food coloring , and MSG . Crackers are usually sold in packaging that has not been fried . Fish cracker of a kind that is difficult to expand when fried are usually sold in the form of fried . cheap bns gold