Crackers or snack crackers are made ​​from tapioca flour batter mixed with condiments such as shrimp or fish. cheap bns gold Crackers made ​​by steaming batter until done , then cut into thin , dried in the sun to dry and fried in plenty of oil . Crisply textured dry and is often used as […]

Lomba Makan Kerupuk

In commemorating the 69th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia , the citizens held a race for kids , Sunday ( 08/17/2014 ) . In the event that held various competitions . Among the race eating crackers , drinking milk , piercing balloons , and insert a nail into the bottle . The […]

Anugrah Musim Kemarau

The high rainfall in Indonesia today , giving effect to the business entrepreneurs crackers . Because the city drenching rain continues to make crackers employers have to spend more of the cost of production , as an alternative to replace the sun drying . The rainy season is enough to influence the production process the […]